Puppy's First Groom

Wash & dry, hygiene clip, face and paw tidy

Dependent on what puppy is comfortable with

This is a quick introduction to grooming only, not a full groom

From $35

Puppy's First Groom

Full Groom - SMALL  

From $70 1-9kgs


Full Groom - MEDIUM

From $80 10-20kgs

Full Groom - LARGE

From $115 

Full Groom - Haircut

Wash, Dry & Nails - SMALL

From $40


Wash, Dry & Nails - MEDIUM

From $50


Wash, Dry & Nails - LARGE

From $60

Wash & Dry

(Short Coat)

Wash, Dry & Nails - SMALL, LONG COAT

From $55

Wash, Dry & Nails - SMALL, LONG/THICK COAT

From $55

Wash, Dry & Nails - MEDIUM, LONG COAT

From $65

Wash, Dry & Nails - LARGE, LONG/THICK COAT

From $80


From $85 per hour

Wash & Dry (Long Coat)

Nail Clip 

From $10

Blueberry Facial


Please Take Note

All quotes over the phone and on our website for any grooming service are dependent on style of cut, size, behavior and coat condition. Coat condition refers to matting and whether dog is regularly brushed/maintained at home. 

Add Ons

& Extras Charges

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