• Jessica B

Grooming Your Dog During Winter

It's very important to keep up grooming all year round, even in winter!

Grooming should be booked every 6 weeks or less, depending on the style and length, year round. During summer a lot of owners prefer to clip on the shorter side, in winter many like to keep a little bit of length to keep their pooches warm. Both of these styles require maintenance whether it be to restyle, maintain a manageable length or or at a bare minimum to keep the face, paws, nails and hygiene areas tidy.

A tidy face helps your dog see without hair over their eyes and stops a build up of eye goop that builds up under the eye. Paws should be kept neat, underside of paws should be shaved out to reducing matting between toes and to keep paws clean. Nails! When our fur babies hair is longer on their paws a lot of owners forget about their dogs nails, and 6 months later, no clipping, suddenly they're talons not nails! 😯 If not clipped regularly, nails can then curl over and can start growing into paw pads, which can be painful to walk on and will generally end in a trip to the vet. A hygiene clip is also very important, hygiene areas should be kept short and tidy to keep areas free of bacteria and nasties that can irritate your dogs skin.

In the winter, long wet hair can turn into a matted mess easily if it's not maintained. So keeping your dog clean, brushed and tidy is important to avoid your dog's coat getting matted, which can be painful. Dogs also tend to get dirtier on walks or playing outside on muddy wet ground. Whilst they may be spending more time indoors during the colder months, it's even more reason to make sure they're clean to ensure your home stays clean.

So remember to keep your pooch on a regular grooming schedule no matter the length of their coat.

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