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How To Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer

With the warm weather now upon us it's time to brush up on how to care for our pets on warm days. Dogs, like humans, can suffer from heatstroke and dehydration. The important thing to remember if it's too warm for you outside, chances are your pet will be uncomfortable too. Some of the signs of heatstroke or dehydration are rapid panting, loss of energy, dizziness, vomiting. If you notice your dogs behavior change please ring your vet immediately for advice.

How can you keep your dog comfortable and happy during warmer days?

  • Ensure you supply plenty of water, several bowls are better in case one is knocked over. Place in the shade and add some ice cubes.

  • Provide a shallow wading pool in the shade, some dogs love to jump in and cool themselves down

  • Making sure your pooch has access to shade, NOT just a dog house as a dog house can become a hot house on a warm day

  • Yes there is non toxic and pet safe sunscreen! Dogs that have pink, or light skin in particular can benefit from sunscreen. You can put some on their nose and stomach to help protect the most exposed/susceptible areas on your pet.

  • On warm days if it's possible for your dog to be inside with the air conditioner on do so.

  • Avoid walking and vigorous playtime during the warmest parts of the day, early morning and evenings are best when the weather has cooled down. Walking on hot pavements has caused many pooches blistered and bleeding paws so if the pavement is too hot for you to touch comfortably for 10 seconds, chances are it's too hot for your dog.

  • Keep them well groomed! For those with double coats ensuring they have no matts and their coat has been groomed out will keep them cooler. For those coats that can be clipped a shorter cut may be beneficial to keep your dog cool.

  • Homemade treats are an excellent way to show your dog some love and your fur baby will love you for it! Try freezing some homemade broth in ice cube trays, frozen blue berries or frozen seedless watermelon, the options are endless!

Prevention is key so keep your dog cool and comfortable by giving some of the tips above a try!

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