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Grass Seeds - How to Avoid Them!

Spring and summer time can mean the introduction of grass seeds to your beloved pet! And grass seeds, whilst tiny, can lead to some great discomfort for your pet. Here we’ll give you tips on what to look out for and how to avoid a grass seed infection.

What does a grass seed look like? Grass seeds have a little point and have barbs coming off the ends. Whilst they look fairly harmless a grass seed can wiggle it’s way into your dogs skin (most often found between the paws but can be found anywhere on the body) and can then travel under the skin wreaking havoc. They can migrate under the skin throughout the dog and if not found can cause infection or in some cases can be fatal.

grass seed

A grass seed infection on the paw can look like a small abscess or lump, this is generally the entry point.

How to help your pet avoid a grass seed infection:

Check your dog over after every walk, through their coat, ears and underneath paws

Ensure you are avoiding long grass, try to walk on grass that is short

Regular grooming to keep the coat short for those with coats that can be clipped and pick up on early signs of a grass seed infection

If you suspect a grass seed infection seek medical veterinary attention immediately.

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