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The Importance Of Grooming At An Early Age

Starting the grooming process off early for your puppy is one of the best things you can do!

It's a misconception some owners may have that they need to wait until their pooch is 6 months or older. The best time to start regular grooming is as soon as all of the vaccinations have been completed, usually 14-16 weeks old.

Whilst we'd all love to be able to tell our fur babies that we're just dropping them off for a little while and we'll be back, we can't. By completing short initial grooms for the first few visits every 3-4 weeks puppies can get accustomed to being dropped off with the knowledge that you'll be back for them and they're not going to be left at the groomers forever! Remember they've never seen/heard a dryer or clippers and they will seem quite foreign and perhaps scary for a young puppy. Even the simple things like being up on a grooming table could be intimidating.

We offer a Puppy's First Wash - a simple wash, dry and nail clip. If they're fairly comfortable we might add in a face, paw and hygiene area tidy up or this might be added to their second groom. The whole process generally only takes about 30-45 minutes which is just enough time to keep a little pups attention and to ensure we keep them as relaxed as we can. As they get used to this quick session, on the third or fourth groom we can then introduce the clippers if a haircut is required.

Another important tip when dropping off your pup (at any age) is to leave the salon without making a fuss. You may want to say goodbye and give them cuddles - we totally understand that! Unfortunately this can potentially cause stress to your pooch, as it brings attention to the fact that you're leaving them. If you can leave without them noticing, aim to do that and the result will be a less stressed fur baby.

The grooming process can leave an imprint on a pups brain for life so it's essential to approach this in a positive manner.

By introducing your pup to the grooming process gradually and early we can make it a positive and rewarding experience for life!

As always please let us know if you have any queries and we look forward to hearing from you!

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